Recycle your electronics at KinTech and get 50GBs of Data Extraction for FREE!



Do you have old computers, printers, or phones just taking up space in your home? You don't want to throw them away before extracting the old memories or documents. Or maybe you just feel that it shouldn't just go into the regular garbage. Well look no further, KinTech is here to help you with your SPRING CLEANING. With 2 Locations in Houston, you can drop off your OLD tech with us, and get your data extracted for FREE! (up to 50GBs), additional fees apply for data surpassing 50GBs. 


Locations for Drop OFF:

  • 17452 Northwest Fwy, Houston, 77040
    • Office : 832-276-6205


  • 5001 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, 77011
    • Office : 281-310-7407

Have an issue with transportation? Schedule a time for one of our techs to come by and pickup the EWASTE for you. Call 281-256-5193 for setting up a time for PICKUP.