iPhone 7 & 7 Plus IC Audio Issue

The IC audio 7/7+ problem is with its audio function. Also called loop disease, experts believe it may be caused by a loosening of the audio chip on the motherboard of the phone... Some users have reported entire loss of audio during phone calls or Face Time calls.

Close up of IC Audio Component

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in request for repairs. Rising from an avg. of 1-2 request a month now turning into 4-5 request. After speaking with a local micro solder specialist, they too have seen a significant increase in IC Audio repair request. 

Sources from appleinsider.com describe the issue as a defect to what amounts to poor design. Specifically, iPhone 7's aluminum chassis is made from "substandard materials" that allows for flexion directly over the audio controller attached to the phone's logic board. Over time, solder connecting the audio IC chip to the logic board fails, resulting in a range of problems.

For a moment in time, Apple activated a repair program for Touch Disease and was for a time offering free out-of-warranty repairs on iPhone 7 devices exhibiting grayed-out audio options. The iPhone 7 initiative, which was not officially announced through public channels, has since been terminated.


Now the responsibility for repair is up to the end user. Luckily, that's where KinTech can assist. KinTech now offers a 24-48 Hour Service for IC Audio Repairs for only $74.99 plus tax.

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